Care tips

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Our towels are produced with the best cotton yarn and environmental friendly dye.
To guarantee a long productlife following advice is given:

Washing is permitted with mentioned temperature *)

Bleaching forbidden

Ironing permitted, quantity of dots determines ironing temperature

Chemical cleaning. Letter A means normal cleaning

Further tips for usage of your towels:
  • Wash coloured textiles separate from white
  • Use a colour detergent for coloured towels
  • The use of softener makes your towel less hydrophilic
  • When a thread has come out of the fabric just cut it off with scissors, this will not influence the life of the towel

Specific tips for our S12-towels:
These towels are dyed with so-called indanthren dye stuff. This dying stuff is specially developed to let the colour of the towels remain after many washings. Following below mentioned tips will enlarge the lifetime of your S12-towels:

  • after using oxidative fluids like bleach, rinse the towel immediately. These fluids attack the towel** )
  • always use a colour detergent

* ) The washing tub in the label might mention a temperature of 40 degrees. However, you can always wash your indanthren dyed S12-towels at 60 degrees.
**) The producer does not accept any responsibility for towels in which gaps or stains appear

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