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100% cotton - single yarn- 400 gramm/m2. Our S12-line is dyed with highgraded indanthren dying stuff and very well suitable for industrial washing.

Click here for the S12 colour chart.

PROMO-line® white
100% cotton - single yarn- 420 gramm/m2. Despite the low price these articles are made of highgraded single ringspun yarns.

The white PROMO-line® articles are deliverable from stock in washing cloths (30*33 cm), guesttowels (30*50 cm) , handtowels (50*100 cm), bathtowels (70*140 cm) and beachtowels (100*150 cm).

BASIC-towels in white
100% cotton - single yarn - 400 gramm/m2. Despite the low price these articles are made of highgraded single ringspun yarns.

From stock deliverable in handtowels (50*100 cm) and bathtowels (70*140 cm).

BASIC-bathmat white
100% cotton - 50*70 cm - 650 gramm/m2 - from stock deliverable in white.

This bathmat is well to use as a set in combination with the BASIC-and PROMO-line® products.

BASIC-washing glove
100% cotton - 16*24 cm - 400 gramm/m2 - double yarn - from stock deliverable in white. Low price!

Hygienic bib
The ultimate protection for cloths that have to remain clean and dry.

This article is made from different layers. These different layers are connected to each other by lamination. The terry towel-layer absorbs and the watertight backside makes sure that the fluids do not hit the patient's clothes, so the patient remains clean and dry.

The protection also remains after frequent industrial washing .
Advantages above a normal terry bib without watertight backside:
  • savings laundries because of longer lifetime of the product
  • the bib is suitable for industrial washing, keeping its highgraded qualities
  • enduser will experience advantages in daily use; patient remains clean and dry as a result of the watertight layer
  • unburdening of nursing staff; saving of time; clothes have to be changed less often
  • saving costs of dry cleaning; clothes can be cleaned less often

Deliverable from stock in uni. The hygienic bib can also be produced with woven-in name and/or logo, from 1.000 pieces.

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